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Avoiding the Bust in Online Blackjack

While every blackjack player desperately wants to get to 21, the sad truth is that if they pursue it too aggressively, they're bound to go bust. Players who are not careful in their evaluation of the game can easily exceed the 21 limit and lose the game. There are some ways, though, that players can more effectively avoid the bust in online blackjack.

Soft Hands

The best advantage an online blackjack player has is the Ace's changing value. An 11 can instantly become a 1 to help the player avoid going bust. That means, when a player is presented with a soft hand with an Ace, he or she is better protected against going bust if he or she hits. Players should almost always hit on a soft 15 or 16 as they have a good chance of upping the value without going over 21. Even on the off chance that the hand would bust, the Ace will change value and the player can continue playing.

The Odds

Players should be familiar with the odds of going bust when confronted with certain hand values. For instance, a player who hits on 18 has a 77% chance of busting. Those odds decrease to only 69% when the player holds a 17. Once the player's hand value dips below 13, the odds are much better, giving players over 50% of a chance of increasing their score without busting. These odds obviously change as the balance of the game changes.

Players who want to avoid the bust in online blackjack should be aware of how many high cards have already passed. The fewer high cards left in the deck, the better the odds for the player.