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The Best Craps Strategy

Since craps is a game of luck with no way for a player to influence the way the dice fall, the best craps strategy available is to focus on the bets and play the game as smartly as possible. This means understanding the rules of the game and the bets with the lowest house edge.

Playing Craps

The person rolling the dice at the table is known as the shooter and there are generally several players gathered around the table placing bets. Before anything can take place that involves the rest of the players, the shooter must first roll a point. This can be anything from three to ten with the exception of seven. After the point has been rolled successfully, the shooter and the other players gathered around the table can place their bets as they wish.

Understanding the Bets and the Point

Considering the above information, when players are unable to roll a point on the first roll--known as the come out roll--they will be required to wager on the come out bet again. When no point has been determined, the player can roll any number combination at all and still keep the dice. Though there are plenty of strategies available that claim to help players win every single time, this is just not feasible as the player has no control over the way the dice land.

Choosing the Right Bets

Players should remember to choose bets that pay even money for the best possible outcome. Though the prize money is small, the odds of winning are much higher. This is the absolute best craps strategy that anyone can use; there is no other strategy that can improve a player's odds above and beyond the odds allowed by the individual bets. In line with this, players should place smart bets that they can afford and never risk everything on a single roll.

The best craps strategy available is the one that states players should place bets that are safe and that have great odds for the player. There is absolutely no way to change the outcome of any given roll.